Trigger warning: The following reading contains references to sexual abuse.









I'm Sam.

Content warning here for sexual abuse. 


Sorry spoilers here.  

I finished watching Jessica Jones. 

I deeply want more. 

Her abuser was so vile and real, 

I remember I didn’t want Dad to kiss me on the face so I showed the top of my head to him. 

but he said look up...

Years ago I loved David Tennant as the Doctor, I truly loved him.

I loved his goofy way of doing things, 

I loved the way he was always upbeat and I loved the way he was asexual. 

I Loved him.

Dad said ‘you must think that David Tennant is a bit of alright!?’

Turns out he had seen a few episodes I had recorded on the PVR.

I just snapped. He couldn’t have the Doctor too. 

He couldn’t have the Doctor too.

But Dads memory was such that he only remembered what he wanted to remember. He didn’t remember me saying not to watch my shows.

I cried inside.

He had got David Tennant.

Worming his way around everything.  

About 11 years later I saw him play it all out, 

Even the part where he got angry and said he didn’t ever know whether or not it’s consensual. 

And the full extent of what his parents did, my parents did to me. 

Me with that sick feeling that nothing is ever simple and the pain of my own child hood.

And Jessica trying and trying to get evidence. 

Dad got David and David got Dad.

She snapped his neck.